The RID SUPER MAX Lice Elimination Kit kills lice, super lice & eggs PLUS provides immediate defense to help keep lice away. The RID SUPER MAX solution is clinically tested & contains no harsh chemicals or pesticides.


4-in-1 Complete Lice Elimination

What’s Inside?

  • RID SUPER MAX solution is a safe, pesticide-free treatment that is more effective at killing lice & eggs than the leading pesticide-based medicine. It works 100% via suffocation, making it effective against even super lice. Enhanced with the RID Lice Defense Factor (LDF), it also contains ingredients that help keep new lice away from the moment hair is treated.
  • RID Lice Comb: 100% effective at lice & egg (nit) removal*

Complete instructions provided in English & Spanish.

Complete lice removal instructions provided in English & Spanish.

*Data on file.

  • After treating hair, lice can sometimes remain in the home environment & survive for 1-2 days away from a human host.
  • No worries…RID SUPER MAX helps keeps lice away for up to 3 days with 1 treatment.

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