RID® MAX Lice Removal Kit

The RID MAX Lice Removal Kit is a comb and conditioning combo made to remove super lice (lice that have developed a resistance to common treatments). It can also help remove regular lice and eggs (nits).

The RID® MAX Conditioning Solution helps detangle hair making the patented RIDvantage® Lice Comb even easier to use. The RIDvantage Lice Comb is 100% effective at eliminating lice and super lice, including their eggs!*

Products included in the RID MAX Lice Removal Kit

  • RID MAX Conditioning Solution (4 FL OZ (118 mL)) is a pesticide-free solution that conditions hair for easy lice and egg removal.
  • The patented RIDvantage Lice Comb has a Diamond-Tine design for more effective removal.

Complete lice removal instructions provided in English & Spanish.

*As demonstrated in laboratory combing study by trained testers.

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See how to use the RID MAX Complete Lice Removal Kit.

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